Finding Motivation When You are Overwhelmed

Finding motivation when I am overwhelmed is such a challenge.  I have such a hard time tackling one thing at a time when there’s just so much to do.  My head actually starts spinning and I never know where to start.


While browsing Pinterest, I found this quote (or saying?).  What a simple, and yet, powerful statement.

motivation quote

Yes.  That makes so much sense and yet I really needed to read that in order for it to click!  I think that happens a lot with quotes and that’s why they are so popular.  That is why there are millions (or billions?) of Pinterest users pinning away daily.

Part of my problem is that I am always overwhelmed.  That makes me panic.  Then, if I get too caught up, I panic some more.  I need to stay busy or my mind is allowed way too much freedom.  I tend to get depressed or crave pills.  It’s a vicious circle, I tell ya.

take a nap

Sometimes when I am too busy, I think that ignoring it all is a great plan.  (See above pic — that has been me way too many times!)  I have a bad habit of thinking that if I cannot fully complete the chore, that I should just put it off.  That is, until the end of the day when the self-loathing kicks in.  I feel like piece of garbage because I accomplished nothing that day.  I guess that’s where the first quote comes in… even if I don’t completely finish whatever it is, knocking out part of it will still feel good.  Baby steps.  That way I can sleep better at night and not feel so defeated.  The feeling of accomplishment can do wonders for self-worth and overall mental health.

How do you find motivation?  Or what is your favorite quote?


  1. Wow…reading this is like you actually lived my life then wrote about it. I am a perfectionist….and a huge procrastinator, and a constant stress case because of it. My perfectionism doesn’t allow me to do or start something if I feel I won’t be able to do my best which then turns me into the worlds biggest procrastinator. I’d rather not start it than to half ass it…It is such a viscous cycle! At times I would much rather drink and watch tv or sleep, lol, ok-ok Most times!

    • Yep, that sums it up perfectly!!! It is a vicious cycle for sure! I am sorry that you can relate! But, I know firsthand that YOUR perfectionism does pay off. 😉

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