Quotes About Anger and Resentment

Reading quotes about anger makes me realize what a toxic emotion it can be.  Dealing with anger appropriately is key to healing and staying healthy.  Whether you struggle with mental health or not, holding on to anger can eat you alive.

Quotes make great reminders of things we probably already know.  Common sense will tell you that any negative feelings, like anger, can do nothing but harm to our well-being.  Personally, reading messages like these help reaffirm what I already know.  They can shift my thinking and remind me to stop being pissed about things I cannot control.

Quotes About Anger and Resentment

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Anger and Addiction

One of the reasons that I got so hooked on Xanax was because of anger.  I let it get the best of me at a time when things were happening to my family that were beyond my control.  I couldn’t handle it and internalized everything.  There were times when I literally “saw red” and could see how that expression came about.  Since I had already been taking Xanax, taking more was my quick fix to handle my feelings.  This led to more anger and self-loathing, which is possibly the most dangerous feeling of all.  Once you hate yourself, it’s all downhill from there.

Anger, hatred and grudge-holding paved my way to rock bottom.  It was an ugly, sickening road that I now try to steer far from.  I guess all life experiences contain lessons and mine have forced me to learn better ways to cope with my feelings.

Taking pills is like hitting a pause button.  Your feelings don’t go away, they are just put on hold.  The only way to deal with anger is to actually deal with it.  Whether that be to fight, flee or just accept and move on, there’s no easy answer to get rid of this inevitable feeling.

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  1. Thank you for starting this blog and being brave enough to write about the things in life that you have gone through. There are many of us out there who have battled with these same issues and had nowhere to turn, noone who understood. This will be a great place for us to come for support. I believe there is no better support and understanding but from those who have actually been through it. I too suffered from anger when I was younger, in my late teens and my twenties. It was not good…for the most part I was happy go lucky, but if someone or something pushed my buttons, it was fire and brimstone for sure and I could not control it. I am so much better now, Thank God! I do still have moments where I seriously feel like I could sock someone in the face, but I am able to control it now. Thank you again Jennifer for creating this blog. xo

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