Archives for February 2013

Intervention and Trip Number One to Rehab

My intervention was nothing like you see on TV, but it was definitely an intervention.  Since I surely didn’t believe that I had a problem, it took some coaxing (and kicking and screaming) to get me into a rehab facility. My Intervention As I mentioned in my post about how my addiction progressed, my sister […]

Random Racing Thoughts in the Shower

I have racing thoughts quite often, but in the shower they get a turbo blast.  Sometimes they can be a bit impressive and I feel like I can solve the problems of the world.  Too bad they usually get washed right down the drain once I am done.  Today’s thoughts were particularly stupid and meaningless, […]

How My Addiction Progressed

Back to how my addiction to Xanax began… looking back, it feels like it didn’t take long to get hooked at all.  I can remember feeling like it was a magic little pill.  Not only did it make me feel better, but it made me feel good… really good.  My stress and anxiety would melt […]