Don’t Judge When You Meet Someone

When I first meet someone I usually come off as a super spaz.  Either I will be overly-enthusiastic, clumsy, shy, or something wildly inappropriate will fly out of my mouth.  You just never know.  For this reason, I now know not to make snap judgements of people when I first meet them.  Perhaps they are just really nervous or suffer from anxiety, too.

Social awkwardness does not have to be a medical problem, but I do believe it can be a lot worse when you already have anxiety issues.  I can only imagine what some people have thought of me at first introduction.  Sheesh.  I am hyper-aware of my spazticness and I think that makes it even worse.  I used to drink during social functions to try to relax a little.  That usually backfired and just made me sloppy and/or way too talkative.

When I Meet People

when i first meet someone

I have always been in awe of a person who can just smoothly stroll into a room, comfortably introduce themselves to others, and just blend into the crowd to mingle.  That is not me.  I usually do not fly solo to any social functions.  I bring my sister or a friend to anything that I possibly can.  Otherwise, my head just spins!  I am working on this…

The ability to laugh at yourself makes this a lot better, I think.  Now, if I notice myself being a weirdo, I will just own it.  I will come right out and tell the person that I am nervous and not very good in crowds.  Hopefully, they understand and don’t immediately write me off as a creep!

Knowing this about myself has opened my eyes to the way other people react when I meet them.  Now, when I see a shy person, or someone who is chatting up a storm, I can sympathize.  I won’t jump to any conclusions about their personality.  In fact, I now try to welcome them into a conversation to, hopefully, make us both feel more at ease!

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