Xanax is Not a Pain Pill

Xanax is not a pain pill.  And yet, I used to use it as one.  I would take one when I had a headache, backache, hangover, toothache, whatever.  I would use it as a sleeping pill, to lift me up, to settle me down… for everything.  Do I sound like Dr. Suess yet?  Well, I guess this is exactly what abuse is – improper usage of a drug.  I was prescribed it for anxiety and was taking it as a cure-all for any and all of my ailments.  I should have realized this, and yet, continued to behave this way for years.

Xanax is so Easy to Abuse

I consider myself to be a somewhat intelligent person.  I am no scholar, but I do take pride in having a decent amount of common sense and keen self-awareness.  So, how does someone like that become addicted to pills?  I am not sure.  Looking back, it seems like it happened in the blink of an eye, but in fact it was over years.  There are moments of clarity where I can remember knowing that I was doing something wrong.  There were also many moments that I genuinely thought I was just treating a problem.

Now I know that this was a major red flag.  I should have only popped a Xanax when I truly needed it for anxiety.  I should have done my homework and fully researched the pill before taking it at all, and especially before taking it on such a long-term basis.

Another issue is that Xanax has a tendency to cloud your memory a bit.  There were times when I would take one and then a few minutes later forget that I did.  So, I would pop another one… no recollection at all that I had just taken one.  Scary!  An idea to prevent this would be to keep a journal.  Write down every time that you take a pill.  This will help your memory and make you more accountable and aware of your usage.  Looking back at your usage could be a real eye-opener.

prevent xanax abuse

When you are prescribed a drug, be very clear with yourself as to why you are taking it.  When you find something that gives the euphoric effects that Xanax does, it’s so easy to make excuses to take it all of the time.  But, it’s for anxiety.  Any other uses, I am unaware of, but ask your doctor!  Don’t increase your dosage without talking to your health professional and be honest with them!

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