Xanax Withdrawal is How I Imagine Hell Would Be

Xanax withdrawal is horrible.  Seriously, I would not wish it on my worst enemy.  During my first trip to rehab, all of my initial withdrawal symptoms were experienced in the hospital.  Since one of the main concerns with Xanax withdrawal is seizure, I had pads on my bed and was given Phenobarbital to help prevent them.  This is a major reason why no one should ever try to go off pills on their own.

Xanax Withdrawal Hell

xanax withdrawal hell

I remember my room at rehab was right next to the helipad of the hospital.  Helicopters would take off and land all hours of the day and night.  It sounded like they were in my skull.  One of my biggest side effects was crazy noise sensitivity.  My hearing was like that of a superhuman (actually all of my senses were out of whack).  I would even hear things that weren’t there.  For about two days straight it sounded like a train was running through my brain.  Hell.  There was nothing I could do to escape this.  Covering my ears wouldn’t help, since most of the noises were inside of my body!

To say that I wanted to crawl out of my skin was an understatement.  I wanted to scrape off my own skin, bury it, and then just run far away from it.  It was the most uncomfortable, creepy crawly feeling I have ever had.  Everything felt like it didn’t belong to me.  My teeth made my mouth feel claustrophobic.  I know that probably makes no sense, but I don’t know how else to describe it.  My toes didn’t feel like they should be on my feet.

Imagine the worst headache you have ever had… then times that by 100 and stick it in a vice grip and that’s how my head felt for days.  I was also nauseous for over 6 months.  Since I couldn’t sleep, there was no escape.  Just 24/7 agony for days and some symptoms – months.

This was medically-assisted drug withdrawal.  Don’t ever think about doing it on your own.

Now… after all that do you think I would ever take Xanax again?  I did…

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