How Exercise Makes You Happy Infographic

Exercise makes you happy, and I think it’s easy to forget that. Especially when you are so out of shape that exercise is nothing but pain. It’s important to remember that after you get over that nasty hurdle of boosting your strength, it will feel good to workout.

I get so mad at myself when it comes to fitness. Like everything in life, I am extreme in this area, as well. I either exercise like I am training for a triathlon or move as little as possible. It’s either sprinting or slothing, I know no middle. It’s so stupid of me, and I am happy to see this infographic as a reminder of the benefits. I think I need to order it in poster form to hang in my office.

I recommend taking it slow if you are as out of shape as me. Sometimes if I go at it too hard, it sends me into a manic episode. Or, my muscles get so sore and tight that it triggers additional anxiety. Moderation, people. Let’s practice it together!

Exercise creates chemical responses in the brain, which lead to both temporary and long-term mental health benefits.

How Exercise Makes You Happy Infographic

The Happiness Effect: How Exercise Makes You Happy

Source: The Happiness Effect: How Exercise Makes You Happy infographic by HealthCentral.

Exercise helps boost happiness, and there are the scientific reasons why. Obviously, I am not a doctor. Make sure to see yours before starting a workout plan. But, I know once I get into shape I feel more equipped to handle my crazy.

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