My Brain Won’t Trust My Eyes

I am having a big issue where my brain won’t trust my eyes. It’s hard to explain, but I obsess over anything I am trying to focus on. Like, with a blog post. I can type it out quickly, but then I go back to proofread. This takes me four times as long as creating the darn post. I reread and reread never trusting if my grammar is okay or if anything makes sense.

My Brain Won't Trust My Eyes

My Brain Won’t Trust My Eyes

The same thing happens at work. I do payroll, and when dealing with the numbers, it’s like my mind plays tricks on me. I have to repeat them over and over and it still doesn’t make sense. I know that I KNOW how to do simple math. Actually, I am usually using an adding machine! But, my brain won’t allow me to see the number correctly.

Gosh, I don’t even know if this is making any sense, but it’s frustrating the hell out of me. It really cuts into my productivity. I have a very fast brain… too fast to process things correctly, I think. I could seriously crank out blog posts all day if it weren’t for getting caught up in my own web of mistrust of my brain.

Thank goodness for spell check or I would have to question that constantly, too!

My guess is that it’s a focus issue due to my racing thoughts. As I am trying to read a number or word, I am also thinking of a song or what’s for dinner. It prevents me from truly absorbing what is right in my line of sight.

I even tried hiring an editor, but I still went over the posts obsessively.

Funny thing is, I can usually instantly edit other peoples’ work. Not that I am perfect in the grammar field at all, but if there’s a misspelled word in a book, it usually jumps out at me. Just not with my own stuff!

Does anyone else have this problem?

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