The Benefits of a Muscle Twitch

Muscle twitch issues used to drive me insane, but now I think I might miss them a little. Let me step back for a moment because it’s been a while since I wrote a post on this blog. My intention was to have my blog posts tell a story, but I completely messed up the flow of that. Whatever, this isn’t a book, it’s a blog, so I am just going to write about whatever grabs me at the moment.

New Doc and New Meds

Since I left some gaping holes in my story, which I am sure my three readers have been at the ends of their seats, allow me to fill you in on my current situation. After trying to treat my anxiety issues for a good five years using holistic and natural treatments, I finally gave in and went to a doctor. I couldn’t take it anymore.

I went to a new doctor who promptly diagnosed me with bipolar disorder. This was my third time being diagnosed as bipolar. My first time was in rehab, and the second time was during Xanax withdrawal. I didn’t want to bank on any diagnosis while I was clearly extra out of it. But, this time I was ready to accept being put in the bipolar box. After doing my own homework, it made sense to me. Actually, what I now realize was a manic episode is what ultimately made me head back to the doctor. It scared the hell out of me. I think my mania was worse than the other side of the pole.

The Benefits of a Muscle Twitch

The Benefits of a Muscle Twitch

The new doc put me on a cocktail of meds, which I will go into later since I already went way off topic here. My point of this was to say that I barely have my muscle twitching situation happening anymore. One would think that this would be amazing, and it is, but there was a benefit to the muscle twitch – calorie burn. The constant urge to flex and tighten my muscles multiple times per day was like some serious isometrics. I had to be tallying up quite the daily calorie burn.

It’s funny because some people would say that they “hated me” because I could get away with eating certain things and stay relatively thin. Well, I was twitching my way to being able to eat that extra ice cream. I was fricken working for it, trust me. Now that I only have the occasional muscle twitch, I have been rapidly packing on the pounds. Yes, I could work out. Yes, I could lay off the Gelato. But, my point is, I notice the lack of urge to constantly tighten my muscles, and I have gone straight up flabby.

So, the moral of the story is that if you have nervous muscle twitching, there may be a bright side. Isn’t that what we are supposed to do? Look for the bright side? You are a calorie burning machine.

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