About Me

My name is Jennifer.  I have been very apprehensive about starting this blog, and almost decided to do it anonymously.  But, screw it.  This is me and that’s that.

I am in my thirties now and quite settled in my life.  When I was in my twenties I was a mess.  I suffered from bad anxiety and consequently, became addicted to Xanax.  I will discuss this in more detail on many posts, but for the sake of this “about me” page, that’s the lowdown.

It took almost dying and two trips to rehab to finally get me off of Xanax.  I still think about it pretty much everyday… I still miss it.  I still have anxiety and I still don’t have great coping skills.  I decided on the name “Cope or Mope” for this site, because that’s what I feel that my choices are.  Lately, I have been doing a lot of moping!  So, hopefully this blog will help… plus, it’s cheaper than therapy.

In an effort to stay out of trouble and keep my mind busy, I have lots of hobbies on the internet.  One might even say I have a blog addiction.

Everyone is welcome to cope and/or mope with me anytime!

***NOTE:  Although I will express my thoughts and opinions on a variety of mental health issues, I am not a qualified medical professional.  Anything I type is strictly an opinion or thought based on my personal experiences and should never be taken as medical advice. 

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