Battling Addiction

I have started this blog for many reasons.  First of all, I think it will be therapeutic for me to be able to spew my feelings out somewhere.  Secondly, if there’s even the slimmest chance that one of my ramblings might help another person, then maybe this journey wasn’t all for nothing.

Battling addiction has been the most challenging thing in my life.

As far as drug addiction, I had to go to rehab for Xanax twice.  But, the more I get to know myself, I am realizing that I am really an “addict” with so many things.  My extreme personality and lack of moderation causes me to just constantly transfer my addictions.  I have been addicted to exercise, ice cream, over-the-counter sleep-aids, reading, online games…  It sounds crazy, but I take everything too far… to an unhealthy level.  Maybe admitting this and becoming even more self-aware will help me level out a bit.

When battling addiction there really are only two choices – to cope or to mope.  Well, I guess there is “to fail”, too, but that would mean the battle is over.  I will not give up, but my goal is to have less moping days and better coping days.

On this blog I will be sharing my experiences – past and present, good and bad.  My grammar won’t always be perfect and I am going to be okay with that.  (I tend to get a little OCD in that area and nothing will ever get done!)  I just want to type and get it all out.

I hope to connect with others, too.  Please always feel welcome to chime in with me at any time.


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