The Power of Pain and Consequences

Never underestimate the power of pain.  Our bodies feel pain for a reason.  Pain protects us and lets us know when there is danger.  If you touch fire, the pain you feel will likely make it so you will not do it again.  Pain is a consequence.  Without consequences we would all be living in […]

Anxiety Triggers and How to Handle Them

Anxiety triggers are anything that, well, triggers your anxiety.  You will eventually get to know them and hopefully learn how to handle them.  The best option is to remove them from your life, but that’s not always practical.  Certain things are unavoidable and that’s when you will need your coping tools. {image source} My Anxiety […]

Once You Know it’s Anxiety it Gets Better

Once you know that you suffer from anxiety, it’s easier to cope.  The symptoms of a panic attack can be so scary that the fear induced by it can make it impossible to come out of it quickly.  As soon as you are aware of what is happening, it’s so much easier to talk yourself […]