Xanax Withdrawal is How I Imagine Hell Would Be

Xanax withdrawal is horrible.  Seriously, I would not wish it on my worst enemy.  During my first trip to rehab, all of my initial withdrawal symptoms were experienced in the hospital.  Since one of the main concerns with Xanax withdrawal is seizure, I had pads on my bed and was given Phenobarbital to help prevent […]

Change is Key to Recovery

Things have to change in order for anyone to recover.  This sounds like an obvious statement, but it’s so true and really key to any type of recovery.  The littlest habits or even certain people can be enough to trigger old ways.  Just like a smoker trying to quit, little details in life can get […]

People of Rehab Trip One

I had no idea what to expect when it came to the people inside the rehab facility.  After all, it’s also the psychiatric ward.  I had visions of several horror movies that involve insane asylums and definitely was preparing for the worst… People of Rehab There was only one horror-like person that was moaning and […]