My Brain Won’t Trust My Eyes

I am having a big issue where my brain won’t trust my eyes. It’s hard to explain, but I obsess over anything I am trying to focus on. Like, with a blog post. I can type it out quickly, but then I go back to proofread. This takes me four times as long as creating […]

Random Racing Thoughts in the Shower

I have racing thoughts quite often, but in the shower they get a turbo blast.  Sometimes they can be a bit impressive and I feel like I can solve the problems of the world.  Too bad they usually get washed right down the drain once I am done.  Today’s thoughts were particularly stupid and meaningless, […]

Once You Know it’s Anxiety it Gets Better

Once you know that you suffer from anxiety, it’s easier to cope.  The symptoms of a panic attack can be so scary that the fear induced by it can make it impossible to come out of it quickly.  As soon as you are aware of what is happening, it’s so much easier to talk yourself […]